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'Nighthawks' - SPN - Sam, Cas

Okay. I have a giftfic I actually need to finish, and mundane-bingo and spnsupporting to do, but the following is none of those things. This is commentfic gone wild (again). This was only supposed to be a drabble, but suddenly I had 2800 words of post-finale fic, because I guess I never learn. zempasuchil, this is all your fault. Damn you and your glorious ode to Sassy! Damn yoooouuuu!

Supernatural. Sam, Cas, Dean, brief Lisa. PG13. Spoilers for the finale and S6 spoilers, I guess.
Post-5x22. "The first time Cas pops up in the passenger seat, Sam curses and the car jerks left."

You just made a Star Trek reference.Collapse )

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Tags: !fandom: supernatural, castiel, dean winchester, sam winchester
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