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jensen/dean/cas/misha/jimmy: one true orgy

1. Cat made a graphic for Dry Bones (Claire/skeleton!Castiel AU, R), and she's letting me use it as a banner. Thanks, Cat!

2. Brass Ceiling by kalliel | Gwen | R | 4200 words
Outsider POV of Gwen Campbell. I like how it feels like Gwen herself has become mythical, something that the nameless narrator can't quite figure out amid the smoke and mirrors.

3. I said to myself I'd take a break after writing DCBB but, fandom, you are making it very hard.


Q: Am I allowed to write RPS (Jensen/Misha) instead of Dean/Castiel?
A: Yes, you're allowed to write RPS (Jensen/Misha) or Dean/Castiel in this challenge. We also allow participants to write a mix of the two, e.g. Jensen/Cas, Dean/Misha, Cas/Misha, etc. Dean/Jimmy is also fair game.

If we can Cas/Misha, then obviously we can Jensen/Dean, which coincidentally I have a head start on. I'm not really sure why Dean/Jimmy is also fair game, but I'm not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth. Does that mean we can also Jensen/Jimmy and Misha/Jimmy? Hell, what if we just straight-up Cas/Cas and Jensen/Jensen? IT IS AN ARMADA OF MISHA'S FACE/JENSEN'S FACE AND I AM LIKE FJLKSHFJKSHFLKSJHFKL.

I'm thinking of doing Jensen/Misha set in the same 'verse as Nothing Up My Sleeve (Jared/Misha gangster AU, NC17), but more Coppola than Guy Ritchie. Dean/Jensen fourth-wall mindfuckery is also delicious though. Speaking of which: the one where Misha is a writer and Jensen is the character he writes, and it gets a little Pygmalion/Galatea, but mostly it is sharp_teeth (which is still going on, BTW). ETA: Link fixed and actually leads to horror meme now and not random A-Ha video. Sorry about that!

Really I shouldn't be signing up for anything at all, but earlier I asked myself, "Dean Smith/Misha Collins?" and the stars began to fall.

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