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1. Sign-ups for erasureathon are open! The profile page has a good explanation of what erasure poetry is. Last round, I erased [personal profile] be_themoon's Narnia zombiepocalypse fic into this thing that isn't even really fannish anymore, which is part of the fun - the erasure doesn't have to be about what the original fic was about. gallifreycalls went above and beyond and not only erased but turned my Merlin remix into art, holy wow. Erasures are fun, COME JOIN THE PARTY.

2. You know what's even more fun than writing things? Enabling other people to write things for you. jimmybigbang (or rather, Novak Big Bang) has a plot bunny playground and WIP adoption center. Similarly, dc_dystopia (or rather, Dean/Cas darkfic in general) has both a prompting post and a plot bunny grooming post.

3. In TV news, I keep meaning to make posts about Parks & Recreation and The Good Wife, but it keeps boiling down to "my favorite part was all of the parts". The Leslie/Ann friendship on P&R, man. It resonates with me in exacting and genuine ways. I recognize it. Actually I think what I appreciate the most about both these shows is the characters' diversity of successes and how unexpectedly empowering that is. Success and confidence look like a lot of things, but TV shows are rarely the place I go to be reminded of that. But suddenly Leslie Knope!

4. Sons of Anarchy is not a show I'd recommend to everyone, but I'm enjoying the crap out of it and can I get a WOOOOOOOO for Gemma, who is perfect? I really appreciate the Gemma/Jax relationship here because you don't get that many good mother/son relationships on TV. You usually get a crapload of father/son and mother/daughter - and some father/daughter - but I feel like mother/son gets the worst rap and is the most maligned. Gemma and Jax are strong characters who love and respect each other very much, and it's really heartening to see. I also have a bunch of capslock regarding the evolution of Gemma and Tara's friendship, but that is for another time. Unrelatedly: this show is like a Deadwood cast party or something.

5. Updated the masterlist with 8 new SPN fics, all of which are at different points of the Dean/Castiel shippiness spectrum, ranging from "gen fics inspired by shippy prompts" to "post-apocalyptic blowjobs". So yeah.



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