Lassiter (twoskeletons ) wrote,


Looks like it's time for a...


1. The following ships are off-limits: Jared/Jensen, Jensen/Misha, Jared/Misha, and JDM/Jensen.
2. One prompt per comment. Multiple fills are okay.
3. When filling a prompt, include the following info in the subject line: FILLED: title, characters/ships, rating, warnings
4. Triggering prompts must be adequately warned for or put under spoiler text, like this: [span style="background: red; color: red"]TRIGGERING PROMPT GOES HERE[/span]. Replace ][ with ><.
5. "Crossovers" are allowed. For example, Jared Padalecki/Zachary Levi is acceptable.
6. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, ask them here or PM me.
7. Play nice! No wank. Be excellent to each other.

Advertise the party using this:


Party Girl by poor_choices - Danneel/Jensen College AU, NC-17, pegging, cross-dressing, dirty talk

i'm such a cliche by earthquakedream - Jared/Danneel + Jensen/Genevieve, PG-13. High school AU, with Jared working at the kissing booth.

the achievement of victory by lazy_daze - Jared/Aldis, strip chess, NC17

you're not my daddy by earthquakedream - Jared/JDM, NC-17, very mild daddy!kink

untitled by tiptoe39 - JDM/Jared. "Jeff gets Jared to wear a corset and panties. Completely consensual, please. Preferably bottom!Jared but I'm ok either way ;D" NC17

doing it backwards by earthquakedream - Jared/Gen. "Jared doesn't have anywhere to go for Thanksgiving so Gen invites him to spend it with her." AU, PG

Take Me To My Boiling Point by obstinatrix - Adrianne Palicki/JDM, "Trailer sex when filming (the frustratingly still unreleased) Red Dawn." NC17

False Pretences by lazy_daze - Traci/Alona, R. "Yoga lesson ^_^ Traci is the master at being bendy."

and in return by dev_earl - Jared/Danneel, NC-17, felching, pseudo-infidelity.

It's Not All Hentai by hegemony - Jensen/Genevive, Tentacle!porn, Female Ejaculation, NC17

The Blind Leading the Blind by tebtosca - Jensen/Danneel, HS AU, virgins, NC-17

No Guts, No Glory by kalymnos - Brock Kelly/Cindy Sampson, R, a night on the town

Tags: !fandom: rpf, !fandom: supernatural, .meme me up scotty
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