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Perfect for those with small attention spans! SPAM IT WITH PROMPTS. STUFF IT WITH FILLS.

I have It's not that I ship Will/Helen, but I kind of do a little bit, especially after 1x09 (FAVORITE EPISODE), but not in a "THEY SHOULD BONE" kind of way, but in a "I like their feelings" way. I'm not sure if I want them to bone so much as I want Helen to continue opening Will's eyes to the wonders of this world and for Will to continue finding safe harbor in her and to feel protective of her because of it. When AU!Will said "we had a child", I thought for a moment the "we" referred to him and Helen, and I was simultaneously surprised and unsurprised, but mostly thrilled. OMG CANON WILL/HELEN but no.

You know who SHOULD be boning, all the time everywhere? John and Helen. JOHN, BE IN THE SHOW MORE, GEEEEEEZ.

Sanctuary 1x09, I can watch you forever. Sanctuary 1x11, I should do side-by-side graphics of you and "Ghostfacers". Sanctuary 2x05... XDDDDDDD you definitely should get comparison graphics.

Poem rec! Confessions: My Father, Hummingbirds, and Franz Fanon by Benjamin Alire Sáenz. It's about identity, representation, and the sentimental attachment to the flaws you've been told are inherent. It gets me like right here, and not just because that happened to me at a party too ahaha. ("IF YOU'RE INDONESIAN, HOW COME YOU AREN'T POOR?")

Speaking of poems, I wish I can remember the title and author of this one book of poetry I found in the New York Public Library last year. All I can remember of it is that it had a green cover of blurry trees (and maybe a boy?) and it had a bunch of long poems about the poet's distant father HAHAHAHAHA THIS SOUNDS LIKE A PARODY ALREADY but seriously. I was really digging it. It was at a very innocuous-looking NYPL branch close to the grander main branch, like a block away, and if you take the the escalator to the 2nd(?) floor, it would be in the southeast(?) corner of the room. WORST CLUES EVER. RANDOM BOOK OF AWESOME POEMS, I WILL NEVER FIND YOU AGAIN basically, just like I will never again find that song whose chorus goes "hey, heeeeyyyy" or was it "mmm, mmmmmmm" and it sort of sounded like The XX. This paragraph is the worst thing I've ever written.
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