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1. Here's the stuff I wrote for the 3-sentence fic meme.
Skins, Jal, here is what comes after - you go on

Over the summer she read a book of poetry that she bought on a whim years ago, and found one that she thought Chris might've liked, for all that he wasn't a poetry person. She won't remember the title or the poet later - only that it made her think of him. She had thought of him, and smiled.

Captain America (2011)/Narnia, Susan Pevensie/Peggy Carter, nothing's left here but you

"You don't seem very troubled by the war," Peggy comments.

"I am, as you are," Susan replies, "but I daresay our thoughts often lie elsewhere."

"Where else would they lie?" she asks, but Susan just smiles sadly.

Mary Poppins/Narnia, Susan & Mary, as the wind calls. Sequel to this.

Susan is gliding over the Gobi desert when she sees a familiar shape approaching in the distance.

"How do you do, Mary?" she calls out when they are within respectable shouting distance.

"I'm quite all right," Mary replies, before the wind fills her umbrella and takes her away in the opposite direction.

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Katara/Zuko, sparring

"You still don't trust me," he observes.

She smiles wryly and replies, "I want to."

And it's only when they're sparring when - to both their relief - they don't have to hold anything back.

Supernatural, Bobby and Rufus, first hunting injury

"What a goddamn amateur," Rufus kept saying as he bound Bobby's leg. But Rufus was smiling too, like maybe "what in the hell were you thinking?" also meant "why the hell didn't I think of that?"

"I got the thing, didn't I?" Bobby said, and Rufus smirked and poured them both another shot.

SPN/SHA Novakcest, Meto, don't lie. Jimmy/Jacob, a sundering. post-S3

You calm down once you're well beyond city limits, and it's not so much a calmness as it is a shutting down. You break the rest of the day down into its component parts, a to-do list, because it's better to focus on a task than on the passing of an hour. You will 1) drive until you find the forest, 2) dig, 3) and dig, 4), and dig, and then 5) somehow, some way, inevitably and always, you will get him back.

Captain America (2011)/Narnia, Susan Pevensie/Peggy Carter, alone on a mission

"You're not supposed to be here!"

"Neither are you!"

And then the shooting begins.

2. Are you guys watching BBC's 'Frozen Planet' series? FJSLFJLKD SO BEAUTIFUL, the dry valleys where the boulders are hollowed out by the wind, the underwater icicles killing the starfish, and that's THREE TONS OF SNOW ON THAT TREE, SON. THE SNOW IS THE ANGEL AND THE FOREST IS THE VESSEL, and then and THEN: the auroraaaaaaa. *______* PS: orcas are dicks.

3. I respect your argument, but Misha Collins tweeted in Indonesian and I'm going to roll around in my own rainbow tears for a couple of hours in order to recover. ("Good question," he says. "This will begin at night after dinner.") YES, MISHA, YES, I ACCEPT YOUR OFFER OF MARRIAGE. SHALL WE HONEYMOON IN BALI?

4. Pippin Took, Lana Lang, Helen Magnus, and Will Zimmerman walk into a bar and bring space boys to their space yard. WHATEVER THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE, I WANT IT NOW. :-OOOOOO

5. Looks like it's that time of year for anonymous holiday love memes! Here is my thread. Start your own so I can anon-love you too!

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