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once upon a time in manila

You know that feeling you get when you are supposed to go to the beach but then you get sick and you can't go? It's a shitty fucking feeling. I HAVE THAT FEELING RIGHT NOW. A CANYON OF SADNESS FOR ME.

So instead, you're getting my thoughts on 'Once Upon a Time' because oh my god. So it's like live-action traditional fairy tale fanfic, right. It's almost like an isurrendered meme come to life. The more I was babbling about it to [personal profile] animus_wyrmis, the more I realized that the story is doing in its actual canon what I strove to do with, say, Susan Pevensie and the Novaks.

- EVIL QUEENS AND WHY WE LOVE THEM. Eventually I will end up shipping all ~evil powerful witchy wimmenz~ with Jadis, winter queen of my heart, but that is neither here nor there and perhaps should go on the to-write list but AAAANYWAY. REGINA, YOU GUYS, and how she is seriously like, "I REJECT YOUR REALITY AND SUBSTITUTE IT WITH MY OWN," and how she basically embodies why I do fanfiction ever. Look at her breaking the tyranny of the narrative, breaking the cycle of her downfall, spitting in the eye of narrative favoritism. Ahaha, narrative favoritism is probably the wrong way to put it, because I mean, stories are always gonna favor their protagonists hahahaha so what am I saying. Basically THIS IS WHERE I START TO HAVE STORYTELLING/DESTINY FEELS, OKAY, because these fairy tales are happening in some timeless archetypal golden age of Platonic yore that never happened, and the reason it all happened once upon a time is because one thing is all that ever happens in them: the witch gets a bad ending, the princess gets a happy one.

Regina is like, "WELL, FUCK THAT SHIT." And I am like, "IKR :'D." She is like, "I'm writing myself out of this story, NO WAIT, I WILL WRITE YOU OUT OF THIS STORY," but then she's like, "WAIT WAIT I WILL WRITE A NEW STORY FOR MYSELF," and basically I'm kind of delightfully surprised that this is a show that exists. ALL MY STORYTELLING CONCERNS, NARRATIVIZED. By defeating your story, you make it your own, DON'T YOU SEE?!??

- I wonder what endgame is for these characters though. I kind of don't want them to get their happy endings back because I want them to make their own endings! Like the queen! Like, do you think we're gonna get an episode where someone else starts getting flashbacks of their fairy tale existence and are like, "Noooo, but I like being a random shmoe from Maine!"

- Okay, at the end of the Jiminy episode, where the fairy asks him if he'd like to help people? AND THEN TURNED HIM INTO A BUG? Do you think he was okay with that? Why would he be okay with that? Look, lady, I said I wanted to help people, I didn't say I wanted you to zap me into a cricket.

- THE WARDROBE THAT MAKES THINGS DISAPPEAR INTO ANOTHER WORLD, ICWUDT :'DDDDD. BECAUSE THIS IS THE LION, THE WITCH, AND THE WARDROBE IN REVERSE, YOU GUYS. You guys. This is what I was talking about two bullet points ago: when they fall back out of the wardrobe, will they be happy about it?? I mean okay, so probably they will be glad they are out from under Regina's curse, but the life they knew, man... No one wants to be an archetype. They were that in fairy tale land, but... they were kind of that in Maine too. Poor fairy tale characters, THEY JUST WANT TO BE A REAL BOY. (...Or do they? Do they want their immortality? Do they really prefer the grit and dust of the real world? Is home where you came from or where you come from?)

- OKAY OKAY FINE, for as cheesy as it was for Mary Margaret to kiss David back to life, and for Henry to leave his shoe on the stair, I was actually very :'DDDDDD at these moments. TURNING THE STORIES ON THEIR HEADS. RECLAIMING THE STORIES FOR THEMSELVES. AAAAAAH.

- I want to know more about Ruby already. Where is her episode?


- Also it is hilarious how Disney-influenced the conceptions of these characters are.

Also, me and my weakness for gangster movies are kind of super really excited for 'Manila Kingpin: The Asiong Salonga Story'. Asiong Salonga was the boss gangster in Manila in the 1940s/50s. There's been at least three movies based on his life already, so... here is number four, I guess? IT'S RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS THOUGH SO OKAY.

HIGH-SPEED CALESA CHASE/GUNFIGHT SEQUENCE AHAHA GIVE IT TO ME. Also here is a music video of one of the soundtrack songs already. The title translates to 'King of Tondo', Tondo being one of the poorest and most underdeveloped districts of the city. The music video functions as an extended trailer basically: "Hari ng Tondo" by Gloc 9 feat. Denise Barbacena

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