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AAAARRGGHH SCHOOL STARTS TOMORROW. AAAARRGGHH VACATION WITHDRAWAL. AAAARRGGHH HAVE TO PAY BILLS & FIGURE OUT CLASSES & FIND THE NEAREST VIETNAMESE RESTAURANT BECAUSE I HAVE A SUDDEN CRAVING. WHAT ELSE. HAVE TO CLEAN ROOM. All I did the past few weeks was sing stupid songs and dance stupid dances and cuddle and hug and drink and talk a lot of nonsense. Ugh, having to switch to 'school mode'. UGH I TELL YOU.

LOOK AT HOW FLUFFY MY ICON'S HAIR IS. So fluffy. I want to run my fingers through his hair all day. This is also my Peter icon, because I don't have enough icon space for TWO doomed kings of destiny, no matter how shiny their hair are (and Will Moseley sports some pretty shiny hair). Man, I have amassed such a collection of Georgie and Peter&Susan icons, I'm not going to get around to using all of them at all. On a related note, I have a plot bunny for a futurefic in which Morgana escapes to Narnia as a refugee when things in Camelot go to shit, and then there is Morgana/Susan. I am adamantly telling myself I have no time though, 'cos omg school. And the city!

One of my favorite memes is the one where you write drabbles about the things/characters in the adjacent icons of your icon page, because it makes me write things like Donald Duck and Freddy Newandyke a.k.a. Mister Orange from Reservoir Dogs. I also get to write Peter, Susan, and two Edmunds; the Pendragons and two Morganas; and the Camelot OT4 in Manila. AWESOME. I'll get to those eventually, but I'll start with

"Come on, Will," says Anna. "You've ridden a unicorn before."

"It was a horse with horn attached," Will replies, staring at the unicorn with a dubious expression. He looks at Merlin. "Isn't it forbidden to touch a unicorn if you're not a virgin?"

"Oh, yeah," Merlin muses. "Well, I suppose. It's difficult to get the lore straight sometimes."

Will raises his eyebrows at Skandar. "What about you, Skandar?" he asks casually. "Do you want to ride the unicorn?"

Skandar shifts his weight uncomfortably. "No thanks."

"Anna?" But she is shaking her head no, a wry smile on her face. Will sighs and clasps Georgie's shoulder. "Henley, looks like it's up to you."

"Excellent," grins Georgie, and Merlin helps her onto its back.

Before I traded it in for this icon of blondness, I had an icon of Bradley James yelling AWOOGA on a roller coaster. (Man, that video clip will never not make me grin like a fool.) If that icon were still in its original position, I would be writing Bradley James/Anna Popplewell/Will Moseley for this meme.

Bradley raises his eyebrows. "'Brad'? No, Bradley's fine. People confuse me with Brad Pitt often enough as it is."

Anna laughs and shoves him, but Bradley has that goofy grin on his face again, and she ends up letting him buy her another drink.


"Now magazine tells me you're seeing that Arthur bloke," says Will.

"A regular fount of knowledge, Now magazine. But yes. I'm seeing the 'Arthur bloke'."

"Is it very exclusive?"

"Oh no."

"Oh good," Will says lightly. "Then I can still do this," and kisses her.


"Shit," says Will, a bit breathless. "You're as gay as your character."

"You watch my show!" Bradley beams.

Anna says, "I can vouch that there's at least some straight in him."

"But who cares, eh?" says Will, and kisses Bradley again.

Anna's arms slip around Will from behind and she starts unbuttoning his shirt. "I care."

"I care sometimes," says Bradley, somewhat muffled.

"Shut up, the two of you," Will commands, and pushes them both to the bed.


"You should bring Morgana next time," Will suggests.

Bradley raises an eyebrow. "You mean Katie?"


"Oh my god," says Anna. "Stop using the men I date to fulfill your deviant fantasies."

"But tonight was such a good start, why stop now? Besides," he adds, "what else do you use him for?"

"He buys me dinner sometimes."

"I'm right here," Bradley announces.

"I can buy you dinner," says Will, ignoring him.

"Will you buy me dinner?" asks Bradley.

"I don't know," Will replies in a voice full of doubt. "Your breasts aren't nearly as big as Anna's."

"Aww." She kisses Will's cheek. "Aren't you sweet."

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