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Blame it on the vile and despicable influence of gid_hanasheh and motherlessguns , but when [community profile] camelot_fleet threw a still-ongoing poetry jam, I ended up writing pre-series Pendragons fanpoetry. idek. The Noble and Ancient House of Pendragon, man! Powerful families full of hubris, doomed to fall, tugging you into a position where the only right choice is betrayal. <3333 Pendragonnnnsssss

Yeah, I dunno. I don't usually write poems, so maybe this is just a fic with weird line breaks, idk. I'm kinda nervous about it, ngl. Two poem recs before we get going: "How to Tell a Story" by Shira Erlichman is about the storytelling and appropriation discussions fandom's been having. "Ginsberg" by Julia Vinograd is about how Allen Ginsberg is a dick.


This Ancient House
Merlin. Arthur, Morgana, Uther. G. Warnings for Arthur being a transparent douche.

with your helm on her head, with your sword in her handCollapse )

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wayang kulit
Maybe later I'll have put my brain and my heart back together enough to make a reaction post to last night's Poopernatural, but for now let's talk about Merlin Artword! Stupendous fun, that. Would Artword again. To the surprise of exactly no one, gwyntastic and I collaborated on a Supernatural fusion with Dean!Arthur and Sam!Morgana. You can read it at [community profile] camelot_fleet here, or you can also scroll down a bit.

Title: The Family Business
Author/Artist: twoskeletons & gwyntastic
Fandom: BBC Merlin
Characters/Ships: Arthur, Morgana. AU fusion with season 1 of Supernatural.
Rating: PG13
A/N: Thank you to hivesofactivity and netgirl_y2k for the beta/Britpick.
Summary: When Uther disappears on a case, Arthur comes for Morgana at Oxford, and they fall back into the life she tried to leave behind. ~2100 words


They drive up the M1 with the windows down and Morgana snoring gently in the passenger seat.Collapse )
4th-Jan-2010 08:27 am - ~*KNIGHTFELLAS*~
wayang kulit
Dear my camelotsolstice anonymoose,

This is all your fault!


PS: Marry me.

Merlin. Arthur, Morgana, Merlin, Gwen (Uther, William, Alvarr, Lancelot). PG13. 3841 words inspired by this mafia!Pendragons AU art. Warning: canon death, violence. Thanks to bantha_fodder for betareading!
Three things that aren't supposed to happen at Gaius's birthday, Pellinore's funeral, and Leon & Forridel's wedding. Scenes from a mafia AU.

There are a lot of things you can store in a meat freezer.Collapse )
wayang kulit
I've been twiddling with this fic since I saw the HBP movie, so maybe it's time to let it out into the world. You know how in those reincarnation fics, Merlin and Arthur talk about all the other times they were reincarnated where things didn't work out so well between them? This could be one of those times. I think this is also crackfic somehow, but I'm not sure.

Before, After, and Now
Harry Potter/Merlin. 2217 words. Merlin/Arthur...ish. Harry/Draco but not really? Blaise/Draco/Pansy! Rated R.
Merlin is reincarnated as Harry, and Arthur as Draco. Set a couple of years post-Deathly Hallows, and is perhaps not very epilogue-compliant.

There is no right or wrong in this, just that which is inevitable.Collapse )
wayang kulit
I was watching clips of my friend and her dance school do choreographed group waltzes and it's beautiful, and makes me want to write Golden Age fic.

In similar news, Thing #740987493 I Shouldn't Be Doing During Finals: writing Merlin/Morgana fic.

Oh, wondrous 1sentence ! Fandom's gift to the ADD fanfic writer.

the only things that echo
Merlin. Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Gwen, Gwen/Morgana-ish, Lancelot/Gwen-ish. R. The title and epigraph are from 'Conversations With Objects' by Viola Lee. Warning: semicolon abuse. 1666 words.
Futurefic. Comings and goings.

there are so many things here/that will be forgotten come winterCollapse )
wayang kulit
What is this, senioritis? Spring semester blues? I'm well on my way to being overeducated and dehumanized and it makes me feel spiritually bloated, but also empty. But then I'm like, if these are my problems, then I'm doing pretty good. Don't cry, emo Lass! :(

Writing what I know: I haven't been doing it. Which makes me think hey, what about a fanfic writer AU? Y'know, the one where Morgana is a university student, and she and Gwen have debates over lunch about the finer points of LJ comm posting etiquette ("Post it to a few, sure, but I don't need the damn thing popping up on my flist eight times!"), but they also worry about summer internships and absent-minded thesis advisers who never return your emails on time.

But what show would they fic?! What epic bromantic story can serve as an adequate parallel to 'Merlin', that most unparalleled wonder of ahistorical crack? I toyed with 'Harry Potter' because it's such a mainstay, and Achilles and Patroclus (in which they are not cousins), and Plato and Socrates (in which they are the same age). And then, LIGHTBULB: the show is about Karl Marx (played by Colin Morgan, heretofore known for his stagework) and Friedrich Engels (played by Bradley James, heretofore known for his abs), in the springtime days of youth. Before they were revolutionaries, before the Manifesto and Capital and those horrific beards, they were just Karl and Friedrich, engaging in bar brawls with Prussian loyalists and other such rakish things. They are also trying to win the heart of Jenny von Westphalen (played by Angel Coulby), a young woman of bourgeois lineage whose beauty and kindness ignites both their passions. So, Karl and Friedrich have jealous spats disguised as accusations of hypocrisy! Anthony Head stars as Friedrich's father, the textile tycoon who disapproves of all things non-capitalist and from whom Friedrich steals money to support his BFF Karl. Katie Morgan plays the quick-witted barmaid with a thirst for revolution, and Joe Dempsie plays one of Karl's many former BFFs whom he eventually dumped for being ideologically unsound. It is a show about LOVE and FRIENDSHIP and FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS.

Okay, so that's the show. In the throes of fannish glee, Morgana tells her stepbrother Arthur about it, which doesn't end well because he is an economics student (to please his father) and he just scoffs all over her face. "There are so many things wrong with this, I don't even know where to begin," he says, but Morgana retorts, "You're missing the point!"

"Which is...?"

"Friedrich/Karl, the OTP that ate fandom!" she crows. "Gwen already had to reformat her laptop because she got adware going on sketchy websites trying to find the newest episode. Thank god she backed up her Friedrich/Karl porn fic. We spent ages hashing out the characterization for that one."

"Oh Christ." Arthur holds up a finger. "First of all, I never want to know. Second of all," he holds up a second finger, "why would you worry about characterization in porn?"


"Third of all: see 'first of all'. If you put half as much effort into your studies as you do into historical porn--"

"Stop it, you sound like Uther."

Another time, over drinks, Gwen says to Morgana, "If we were a TV show, who would people ship?" Her favorite game. "I think quite a lot would ship you/me."

Morgana shrugs. "Probably." And tries not to smile like an idiot when, later, on their way back to their apartment, Gwen slips her arm around Morgana's waist to steady herself, giggly and warm and affectionate.

"I can capslock about you until the comments collapse," Gwen declares, and Morgana kisses her cheek, replies likewise.

And I don't even know what these next set of drabbles are. They've been sitting on my hard-drive for an age. Again, I was feeling like I never write what I know, but that I can't write original characters anymore, so I guess these are sort of a stepping stone. I can perhaps call them the 'directionless 20-something living in New England' AU. Perhaps there will be more in this 'verse, who knows.

Weymouth and Tilton are on the same commuter line to Boston, so Merlin and Will had made all the usual promises to stay in touch.Collapse )

What has two thumbs and is off to the dining hall. That's right!
9th-Mar-2009 04:36 am - midterm in siiiiiiiiiiiiiiix hours
wayang kulit
You know what Merlin fandom needs and I don't need AT ALL but really want? Merlin Remix Redux. AMIRITE??

the meme where you post a line from your WIPsCollapse )

This next thing is based on my post about the possibility of Arthur coming back to fix the recession. What does it say about me that this is not the first time I wrote about the Obamas hanging out with Merlin 'n pals?
3 facts about Arthur and BarackCollapse )

I wanna do that meme where you guys tell me three things that you associate with me, and then I ramble about them in a separate post. Go!
wayang kulit
I have a feeling I'll be selecting moods based more on the animation rather than as a true representation of my feelings. Look at those keys go!

Anyway, ineptshieldmaid was asking for ficlets about love (or not love) and FIVE THOUSAND WORD LATER. Man. In conclusion, commentfic will be the death of me. My reaction to slashdragonsays was "Awesome!", quickly followed by "No, Lass, BACK AWAY. YOU KNOW HOW YOU GET."

The Ink Still Drying
Merlin. Merlin/Morgana, Arthur/Merlin, Morgana/Gwen, Arthur/Gwen. Rated R. Thank you to stealingpennies for her beta; all remaining fail are mine.
Futurefic in which Merlin begins to remember the future, Morgana reaches for her destiny, Arthur is kind of dense, and Gwen isn't an idiot.
ETA: The awesomeness that is zempasuchil has done an erasure of this fic, entitled "Then Sing". Click here to read it.
ETA 2: DVD commentary now available.

The Ink Still DryingCollapse )
wayang kulit
This is for sgrio , who insisted. ETA: Showing off new mood theme! Now I actually have a reason to select a mood, and will spend way too much time doing so. Anyway, I'm not really feeling that hyper, I just feel the animation is appropriate for this post.

Merlin. Ensemble. Rated Z for zombies.
The night the zombie apocalypse came to Camelot.

Stay away from the windows!Collapse )
wayang kulit
"They won't tell us to do something we can't do," Arthur insists. "They're knights after all."

"Of a sort," Merlin adds dubiously.

"Look, I think the trunk is starting to give," says Arthur, and gives the tree another mighty smack with the herring.

Only a Model
Merlin, with apologies to Monty Python. Arthur, Uther, Morgana, Hunith, Merlin, Gaius. G. With spam, egg, bacon, and spam to marycontraire for enablementation. Spoilers for episode 10.
Let's not go to Camelot. It's a silly place.

this probably won't make sense if you haven't watched 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'Collapse )
19th-Feb-2009 01:27 pm - Doing It Wrong. Merlin/Arthur. PG13.
wayang kulit
I've never had an animated icon before, but I'm fair pleased with this one.

This drabble is brought to you by a bottle of Yellow Tail and a conversation about the most efficient way to kill the mood.

Doing It Wrong
Merlin. Merlin/Arthur. PG13.
The one where Merlin is bad at dirty talk.

I thought you wanted to be degraded.Collapse )
27th-Jan-2009 02:25 pm - the internet is for porn!
wayang kulit
ALL RIGHT. I know I said I wouldn't be posting until the end of the month but CLOSE ENOUGH and ANYWAY I am doing this in the name of PORN. 'Cos if you haven't dragged your butts over to the Porn Battle then WOE BETIDE YOU. Also, if no one writes Sophie/Tess (Leverage/O11) or Mickey Bricks/Rusty Ryan (Hustle/O11), I will cry. Other interesting prompts include: Arthur/Merlin/Luke Skywalker, Arthur/Bradley James, Tim Roth/Gary Oldman, Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Anniston, Abraham Lincoln/Barack Obama, Ann Coulter/Barack Obama, Rahm Emmanuel/Barack Obama, and Rahm Emmanuel/Vladimir Putin. Quick, you can only participate until Feb 1! MAKE IT WORK, PEOPLE.

What a wonderful testament it is to the Merlin fandom that I wasn't the only one who suggested Merlin/Merlin RPF crossover prompts.

Two Prats Are Better Than One(?)
Merlin/Harry Potter. Merlin/Arthur/Draco. NC17.
Written for the prompt "Arthur/Merlin/Draco, brat" at Porn Battle VII.

Once Arthur and Draco got over their initial headbutting, they found themselves in a fast alliance.Collapse )
14th-Jan-2009 08:11 pm - A Taste for Steel. Morgana. G.
wayang kulit
fgsjkjkd lettersandliars wrote me Morgana/Lucy because she's that awesome. omg. El Otro Cielo, Morgana learns magic from Queen Lucy and things go quite wrong. Merlin/Narnia crossovers are gonna take over the world.

In other news, I've always wanted to write swordfighting!Morgana fic, so I finally did. I also squeezed in bits of my beloved ‘Arthur vs. Morgana for Uther's love’, but there’s more of the sword thing because OH EPISODE TEN. Oh Morgana, and your awesome, and how you have a stole for every occasion.

A Taste For Steel
Merlin. Morgana + ensemble. G.
Eight facts about a girl and her sword.

A Taste For SteelCollapse )
wayang kulit
I have already flailed myself out am apparently still flailing about Episode 10 in the comments of various people's LJs. So I will post instead three fics Episode 10 has made IMPERATIVE THAT FANDOM WRITE.Collapse )

So, guys, the first narniaexchange fic is posted, and it is the one I wrote! It is a Last Battle AU (because I don't have enough in my life already) where the Pevensies sans Susan return to Narnia instead of Jill and Eustace. It's more 'missing scene'-ish, I guess.

The Left Hand of Heaven. Edmund&Peter, the battles they have fought across two worlds. ~3000ish words, PG
Thanks for the beta animus_wyrmis , and vestarho I hope you like it. :)

The conversation that led to the title--Collapse )
wayang kulit
I was scribbling parts of this in lab while my TA babbled on about the stepwise regression method and I thought to myself, "Oh yeah! Things that are not angst. I remember those." Man, when was the last time I wrote slash that wasn't angsty? Not since LOTRips, I don't think. (LOLOLZ, REMEMBER LOTRIPS, GUYS? Oh man. Good times.) And I've written, like, one happy Narnia fic, because Narnia is fucked up.

'Merlin', however, is the good crack. I do at some point want to write about the future encroaching and Arthur stumbling towards kinghood, watching in horror as Uther and Morgana are consumed by their own crazy, but for right now I can only offer Arthur being a smug bastard.

LOL @ how the phrase "lie back and think of England" has its own Wikipedia page. Oh, Wikipedia. <3

Just Lie Back and Think of Camelot
Merlin. Arthur/Merlin. Rated... R or M? Spoilers: Episode 4, "The Poisoned Chalice." Tip of the hat to the fabulous Bedlam for beta duty.
Or, "Four Ways Merlin is a Crap Servant and One Way He Isn’t Oh, Who Are We Kidding. Five. Five Ways."

Just Lie Back and Think of CamelotCollapse )
13th-Nov-2008 12:43 pm - *FLAILS*
wayang kulit
1. In the realm of LOLWAT, theyr in ur internets, pr0ning ur president. It will only be a matter of time before Obama/Putin/Sarkozy. OR SO I HOPE.

2. They were filming Life On Mars outside where I was having lunch yesterday. I don't watch the show at all so I didn't care much, but it did make me vaguely wish that shows I care about film here, except not really. It's not like Uther and Arthur are ever going to show up on their horses in Manhattan with a retinue of knights to try to negotiate an alliance with Mayor Bloomberg. ALTHOUGH THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. (Merlin gets lost on the subway, and Morgana and Gwen wander happily in Chinatown shopping for cheap perfume.)

3. There is one request on Yuletide for Johnny Maxwell fic! And thirteen offers! OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE OH PLEASE.

4. I watched Episode 8 sober and I have further thoughts, and by further thoughts, I mean CAPSLOCK.Collapse )


6. EVERYONE. EVERYONE. YOU GUYS, I NEED YOUR ASSISTANCE. Please tell me in comments about all the other shenanigans that happen in this reality show. I NEED TO KNOW.
wayang kulit
They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said--

1. If you've ever wondered where the drabbles are at for Arthur/Susan, Morgana/Edmund, Uther/Lucy, Susan/Morgana, Lucy/Merlin, and the Dragon/Aslan (and Pevencest is a given), maybe you should look here. Part of my and bedlamsbard 's ongoing mission to have the Pevensies sleep with everyone ever.

2. I never posted actual links to the following, and they do go with the overall theme of this post, so what the hell. In terms of Stardust crossovers, this is the one with Last Battle revisionism, and this is the one with Ben Barnes/Ben Barnes Caspian/Dunstan.

3. Here is that meme where you pair up the characters of the adjacent icons on your icons page and write a drabble about it.

Virgil Malloy (of O11) & Donald Duck, Miraz & the BeatlesCollapse )
21st-Oct-2008 03:19 am - once and future boys-with-swords
wayang kulit
Guys, look at the things wot I can haz! I can haz new Merlin icon! See those two guys in my icon? They DO IT ALL THE TIME. All the time. I can haz delicious account! Someone there already took the name 'lassiter', but if you go to the delicious of 'lassiter', there are actually no bookmarks bookmarked at all. What a waste! HARRUMPH.

Anyway. FOR MY FIRST TRICK, I and my lovely assistant bedlamsbard will go straight for the crack and write Peter Pevensie/Prince Arthur. Rated, uh, somewhere between R and NC17? I dunno. I think it's trying to develop plot, but don't worry, we've got a big stick ready in case it tries anything fancy.

Apparently I only write fic in comments now?

ALSO. My demography professor recommended to us a documentary series called Up, directed by Michael Apted. And I was like, "Michael Apted, Michael Apted... why does that sound so familiar?" Oh, could it be that he's the dude directing Voyage of the Dawn Treader? Narnia, I can't escape you if I tried.

But, see, this kind of gives me hope that Our Heroes in Dawn Treader will kick even more ass. The entire premise of the Up series is that it follows the lives of 14 people, starting from the age of 7 (7 Up, released in 1964), making a profile every 7 years until -- well, it's still ongoing. The latest installment is 49 Up was released in 2005. It's supposed to illustrate how circumstances have affected the way these people grew up. How can this project not inform Apted's feel for character continuity? I wager he'll have a feel for portraying how people grow, recover from heartbreak and triumph, and lose and find grace.

Dear Michael Apted,
Please awesomize Our Heroes from PC the way that PC awesomized Our Heroes from LWW. I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Seacrest out.
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