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27th-May-2009 03:20 pm - this post ships Merlin/unicorn
wayang kulit
Oh, and there is also this. I wrote this over at comment_fic for the prompt "Parker turns into a ceramic cat". Specifically this ceramic cat. IDK. Maybe one day I'll write something for comment_fic that isn't 'Leverage' crack.

Okay, before that. Does anyone else, when watching the music video for "Lady" by Modjo feel the urge to write fic for it? Or maybe not fic, more like a story that expands on what happens in the music video? Girl/Boyfriend/Bald Guy was possibly my first OT3. They road-trip through the countryside in a shitty car, hijack stage-time at a country fair, and break into a motel where they all shower together and sleep in the same bed. fhdjkdsd so much joy! If someone can request Chuck E. Cheese fic for Yuletide, I can request Yuletide fic for this music video and MAYBE I WILL.

And, someone needs to write the "Merlin/Arthur, in the time of the dinosaurs" prompt really badly. NEEDZ M0AR RAPTORS. Furthermore: everyone's favorite 'Avenue Q' song as appropriated by 'Merlin'.

To conclude, when no one was looking, Lex Luthor took forty cakes.

Faster, Pussycat!
Leverage. PG. Ensemble. 613 words.
A handful of facts about the time Parker got turned into a ceramic cat.
ETA: sgrio did a lovely erasure of this fic, which you can read here: ménage à trois.

When Hardison passed by, he would always nod at her and say, 'Sup, Parker,' like she could actually answer back.Collapse )
wayang kulit
Things I Never Knew: Beth Riesgraf named her son (with ex-fiance Jason Lee wtf?!) Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf-Lee.


There once was a time when my answer to "What do you do after you've had a shitty day?" would not have been "Find the weirdest prompt at comment_fic and succumb." This one is for you, Pilot Inspektor. Even if you are like, six.

PS: How o_O is this 'sore' mood icon?

What Happens in Vegas
Leverage. Eliot/Nate. R.
Written for the prompt 'Leverage, vampire!Nate/Eliot, Las Vegas' at comment_fic.

What Happens in VegasCollapse )
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